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Broking (Trade Execution Services)

At GIFT IFSC, India’s offshore jurisdiction, SSIL offers Trade Execution services on both International Exchanges i.e India INX & NSE IFSC.

SSIL offers its clients on the Broking segment:

  • multiple options for placing their trades/ order execution
  • trading/investment in capital market products (NSEIFSC Receipts)
  • aids algorithmic trading
  • robust back office support aiding capital optimisation
  • experienced customer relations staff

Direct Market Access

SSIL’s enables its client to access to both the International exchanges for trade execution and market monitoring with a low latency through its Direct Market Access.


SSIL also offers co-location* to its customers on both the International Stock Exchanges at GIFT IFSC i.e NSE IFSC Limited and India International Exchange IFSC Limited.

*Exchange charges for co-location apply.

Clearing & Settlements

Clients can leverage on StockHolding groups over three (3) decades of understanding and expertise of Indian Capital Markets, our understanding of your needs to offer you a customised solution and the technology aided service, reporting solutions and real-time risk monitoring tools.

  • Clearing – Computing obligations of all it’s clients i.e. determining positions to settle.
  • Settlement – Performing actual settlement. Only funds settlement will be involved in all contracts.
  • Collateral Management – SSIL facilitates in effective management of collaterals to help you meet your margin requirements while managing liquidity, remittances, and related costs. Collection of collateral (cash/cash equivalents and securities), valuation on a regular basis, setting up exposure limits for clients, reconciliations and reportings.
  • Risk Management – Setting position limits based on up-front deposits/margins for each client and monitoring positions on a continuous basis and sending alerts for thresh hold limits.
  • Reporting – Clients get all applicable mandatory reporting and where possible, additional customized reports are provided.
Eligible Collaterals at GIFT IFSC
Eligible Collateral Hair-cut Concentration Limit
Cash in USD No haircut No Limit
Fixed Deposit Receipts (FDRs) in USD* No haircut No Limit
Bank Guarantees (BGs) in USD * No haircut No Limit
AAA rated international sovereign


10% 10% of Cash & Cash Equivalent
*FDRs & BGs issued by banks located at IFSC, GIFT City

Segregated Nominee Account Provider (SNAP) or Provider services

As a registered Segregated Nominee Account Provider (SNAP /Provider) under the regulator approved Segregated Nominee Account Structure, SSIL registers end clients under the structure thereby enabling them to undertake transactions at GIFT IFSC under the structure.

Eligible Investors

In accordance with the SEBI IFSC Guidelines 2015, Any intermediary permitted by the SEBI for operating within the IFSC shall provide financial services to the following categories of Clients:

(i) a person not resident in India;

(ii) a non-resident Indian;

(iii) a  financial  institution  resident  in  India  who  is  eligible  under  FEMA  to  invest  funds offshore, to the extent of outward investment permitted;

(iv) a  person  resident  in  India  who  is  eligible  under  FEMA,  to  invest  funds  offshore,  to the  extent  allowed  under  the  Liberalized  Remittance  Scheme  of  Reserve  Bank  of India, subject to a minimum investment as specified by the Board from time to time:

Provided that clients referred to in clauses  (ii)  to  (iv)  may be provided services,  subject to guidelines of Reserve Bank of India.

Thus, Foreign Portfolio Investors registered in India, Eligible Foreign Investors and Non- resident Indians are currently allowed to invest at GIFT IFSC. When permitted, Resident Indians can also invest under the Liberalised Remittance Scheme.


Become our Channel Partner

As an Institutional Broker Dealer at GIFT IFSC, SSIL  offers one stop shop for all financial products.

Come and Join us in this expansion process by partnering with one of the best brokerage house at GIFT IFSC. Our Business Partners are an extension of the StockHolding Brand with an unrelenting passion for Growth and hunger for scaling up. SSIL invites interested persons/ entities to become our channel partner as our Authorised Person and offer market access to GIFT IFSC to your clients.

Got questions? We have the answers

Regulatory requirements for A.P Click here

Exchange guidelines for A.P

India INX Exchange

NSE IFSC Exchange

Circular No NSEIFSC/REG/578 dated November 24, 2020 issued by Regulatory department

FAQ on Authorised Person

Who can be an Authorised Person

  • Any person -individual, partnership firm, LLP or body corporate –who is appointed as such by a stock broker /trading member and who provides access to the trading platform of the Exchange as an agent of the stock broker.
  • A stock broker/trading member may appoint one or more Authorized Person(s) after obtaining specific prior approval from the Exchange concerned for each such person.
  • The stock broker/trading member shall select a person in compliance with the criteria laid down by the Exchange and the framework prescribed by the regulator and for appointment as an Authorized Person forward the application of the person to the Exchange for approval as per details and formats given in the Annexure to this circular.
  • The Exchange may accord or refuse approval on satisfying itself based on whether the person is eligible for appointment as Authorized Person.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for an Authorised Person

Criteria for INDIVIDUAL

An individual is eligible to be appointed as Authorized Person if he:

  • Is a citizen of India or a citizen of any of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) compliant jurisdictions;
  • Is not less than 18 years of age;
  • Has not been convicted of any economic/financial offence in his home jurisdiction or overseas;
  • Has a good reputation and character;
  • Is a graduate from a recognized institution in the jurisdiction of his citizenship; and
  • The approved users and / or sales personnel of the Authorized Person shall have the certification in Equity Derivatives or Commodity Derivatives or Currency Derivatives or Combined Derivatives or Securities Markets Module or equivalent certifications recognised by the securities markets regulator of their home jurisdictionat all points of time


A partnership firm, LLP or a body corporate is eligible to be appointed as an Authorized Person if;

  • It is incorporated in the IFSC or in any of the FATF compliant jurisdictions or which is governed by an FATF style regional body
  • If all the partners or directors, as the case may be, comply with the requirements contained in clause I above
  • The object clause of the partnership deed or of the Memorandum of Association contains a clause permitting the person to deal in securities business

What is the Infrastructure requirement for an Authorised Person

The authorised person shall have the necessary infrastructure like adequate office space, equipment and manpower to effectively discharge the activities on behalf of the stock broker/trading member.

Do you provide a trading terminal?

Register your clients with SSIL and offer them the trading Software to execute trades. Additionally we also provide mobile & web applications through which the client can trade from anywhere.

What is your brokerage sharing model?

Income per trade is the simple model. Depending on the level of brokerage your clients’ generate, an Authorised Person can earn a % as a profit. The more your Clients’ trade the more you earn.

Do you provide any marketing material?

SSIL will send you all the brochures, flyers and company information, client on-boarding kits and relevant information to get going and onboard your traders and investors.

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